My Reflection (2016 Single)

by Guilty As Charged

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The new single "My Reflection" by Guilty As Charged.


Another nightmare, It's like a cancer inside, making me wish I was dead,
Serenity is just quick slit of the wrist 'cause it's chaos inside my head,
It's eating me alive, it's so hard to describe, can't even begin to tell,
Oh god, I wanna run, I wanna scream, I want out, I want out from this hell

Pain and suffering is all I know,
I'm backed against the wall with nowhere to go,
My reflection won't look me in the eye,
You said you'd be there for me but it was all a lie

All I want in life is to rid of this pain,
I confide in you but you don't know my name,
If I open my heart, would you open your mind?
If you listen close, you could save my life

I can't find my sanity anymore

I'm being judged by the man in the mirror,
The answer to relief couldn't be any clearer,
Inside my head, the void is my home (void is my home),
Among the thousand faces, I feel so alone


I can't even look at my reflection,
Every time I look there's nobody there,
There's only so much I can take,
The weight is getting too much to bare

(Chorus x2)

If you listen close, you could save my life...


released November 16, 2016
Recorded/Mixed/ Mastered by ACO Studios
Artwork by Martin Moore



all rights reserved


Guilty As Charged Southampton, UK

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